The Problem:

GroupHealth Benefits Solutions, a leading insurance administrator in Canada, aimed to enhance its IT infrastructure, network security, software integration, and business process automation to remain at the forefront of the industry.

The Challenges:

Comprehensive IT Solution Provider: Finding a partner that could address various IT needs under one roof, from software engineering to cybersecurity and quality assurance. Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring HIPAA-compliant development practices for insurance-related data handling.


Ideators as a full-service IT partner help address GroupHealth with their diverse IT needs, including software engineering, quality assurance, cybersecurity, and more.

  • Selection Factors: Ideators were selected based on their extensive range of services, previous experience with similar clients, and commitment to regulatory compliance.
  • Project Phases: The project was executed in phases, involving requirement setting, stakeholder meetings, staff allocation, and more.


  • Requirement Setting and Stakeholder Meetings
  • Staff Allocation & Project Phases


  • Enhanced Outsourced Resources: GroupHealth expanded its outsourced resources with Ideators, indicating their satisfaction and confidence in the partnership.
  • Improved IT Practices: Ideators contributed to setting up industry-standard IT practices, boosting GroupHealth's overall IT infrastructure and security.


GroupHealth commended Ideators for their commitment to addressing issues and delivering solutions effectively.

Most Impressive Aspect Of Ideators:

Ideators impressed GroupHealth with their approach to issue identification and resolution.

Areas For Improvement:

GroupHealth suggested that Ideators could focus on areas such as team expansion, training, and certifications to further enhance their work processes.

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