The Problem:

Eagle Creek, a digital transformation firm specializing in Salesforce solutions, faced a surge in demand for its services due to its acquisition by ATOS and the changing post-pandemic landscape. This demand led to a scarcity of professional resources for delivering Salesforce projects, putting the timely execution of projects at risk.

The Challenges:

Resource Shortage: The increased demand for Salesforce services led to a shortage of skilled professionals to execute projects.

Timely Execution: Ensuring the timely delivery of projects to clients despite resource constraints.


Eagle Creek identified Ideators as a channel partner to address its resource shortage and ensure the timely delivery of projects.

  • Selection Factors: Ideators' capability to provide qualified Salesforce developers and engineers for projects at any stage.
  • Project Phases: The project spanned three phases, involving initial engagement, reviewing Ideators' previous work, and discussing project details.


  • Initial Engagement: Identifying Ideators as a resource solution partner.
  • Review of Previous Work: Evaluating Ideators' Expertise in the ERP and CRM sector.
  • Project Commencement: Discussing project details, reviewing RFPs, and initiating the project.


  • Efficient Resource Incorporation: Ideators successfully fulfilled Eagle Creek's need for dedicated Salesforce developers to execute projects.
  • Client Satisfaction: Direct client feedback highlighted the positive impact of Ideators' remote dedicated developers.


Eagle Creek acknowledged Ideators' commitment, solution-oriented approach, and result-driven expertise.

Most Impressive Aspect Of Ideators:

Eagle Creek was particularly impressed by Ideators' commitment to delivering results and their expertise in the ERP and CRM sector.

Areas For Improvement:

Ideators were provided suggestions to focus on refining their scheduling and timeline management practices while recognizing their overall performance as commendable.

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