The Problem:

The Lendlease is a globally recognized real estate company, that faced challenges with managing identities and accesses within their IT infrastructure. The company deals with sensitive data and operates in the real estate and financial services sectors, an efficient and secure IAM (Identity and Access Management) system was crucial to protect data integrity and maintain regulatory compliance.

The Challenges:

Our company required a solution that could streamline the management of identities and accesses across their systems. The project involved integrating various applications, databases, and user accounts while ensuring strict access controls and data security. The existing system lacked efficiency, resulting in time-consuming processes and potential security vulnerabilities.


Ideators, an IT services company, was responsible to develop and implement an advanced IAM Management system. Ideators were selected for these tasks based on their expertise, similar project experience, cost-effectiveness, and positive client feedback. The communication was seamless throughout the project, as both organizations followed agile project management methodologies.

The scope of work included two phases:

  1. Identification & Restructuring: This phase focused on improving the existing system's efficiency and preparing the database for migration to the new system.
  2. Resolution and Rebuilding: Concurrently, Ideators developed a new, advanced IAM system using Java and its frameworks, which would replace the existing system once the database was ready for migration.


Ideators demonstrated agility and responsiveness throughout the project. They consistently met the milestones and addressed evolving needs and requirements of real estate company. Effective communication between the teams ensured a clear understanding of project expectations and timely progress updates.


The successful implementation of the new IAM Management system brought significant improvements to the company’s identity and access management processes. Key outcomes and results include:

  • Streamlined identity and access management across systems, reducing administrative burden and enhancing efficiency.
  • Strengthened data security through robust access controls, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Improved user experience by simplifying access requests, approvals, and provisioning processes.
  • Seamless integration of various applications and databases, enabling centralized identity management.
  • Enhanced scalability and adaptability to accommodate future growth and evolving business needs.


“We've seen tremendous progress in our systems and agility in the development and migration”

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