The Problem:

Cambridge Garment Industries Pvt Ltd, a fashion retail company, faced challenges in effectively managing its HR functions, payroll, operations, and staff monitoring. The manual management system was time-consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors, leading to a need for a modern solution.

The Challenges:

The company needed a mobile app that could streamline its HR processes, enhance staff monitoring, and provide payroll management solutions. Finding a reliable IT services company with expertise in mobile app development and understanding the unique requirements of the fashion retail industry was crucial.


Ideators, an IT services company, was chosen to develop a comprehensive mobile app solution. Ideators were chosen based on referrals and their energetic and young team that displayed a strong understanding of the project's objectives.

Through virtual meetings and effective communication, Ideators developed a user-friendly mobile app that addressed the company's needs. The scope of work included user experience redesign, wireframe, and prototype development, and ultimately the deployment and launch of the new app.


  • App development & integration of HR management, payroll, operations, and staff monitoring functionalities
  • Deployment and launch of the mobile app


The collaboration with Ideators yielded positive outcomes and the measurable results included:

  • User experience redesign: The mobile app provided an intuitive and user-friendly interface for efficient navigation and interaction.
  • Wireframes & prototypes development: Ideators developed detailed wireframes and prototypes to visualize the app's functionalities and gather feedback for further improvements.
  • Deployment and launch of the new app: The mobile app was successfully deployed, allowing the company to streamline its HR functions, payroll management, operations, and staff monitoring.
  • As a result, the company experienced better efficiency and execution of its HR processes. The app provided a streamlined approach to managing various aspects of the company's operations.


The company found Ideators' project management impressive, as they promptly addressed their needs through virtual meetings. The pricing of the services provided by Ideators was within the company's budget, and the project was completed within the agreed-upon timeline. The garment company was appreciative of the professionalism and timely delivery of the mobile app solution by Ideators.

The successful mobile app development project provided the company with an efficient and user-friendly solution for their HR management, payroll, operations, and staff monitoring needs.

“The pricing was within our budget and they developed the solution within the prescribed time”

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