The Problem:

Norton Lilly International, a prominent player in ship agency services, logistics, brokerage, and vessel planning, faced challenges in its existing MS Dynamics ERP system. The platform needed modernization with new modules and functions to improve operational efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance customer experiences.

The Challenges:

The challenges for Norton Lilly International included upgrading MS Dynamics ERP while ensuring smooth business continuity. Additionally, the customization, data migration, and user training required meticulous planning and execution.


Ideators, an IT services company known for its high ratings was hired to handle such challenges. The scope of work involved modernizing the MS Dynamics ERP system with new modules and functions, analyzing business processes, documenting workflows, migrating data to the new system, and providing comprehensive user training.


  • Analysis of existing MS Dynamics ERP and identification of new modules
  • Customization of MS Dynamics ERP to align with Norton Lilly International's specific requirements
  • Documentation of business processes and workflows
  • Migration of data to the upgraded system
  • Comprehensive user training for seamless adoption


Ideators ensured that the project achieved the following measurable outcomes:

Increased Operational Efficiency & Cost Savings: The modernization led to improved productivity and reduced expenses, contributing to increased operational efficiency.

Decreased Errors & Delays: The upgraded ERP system minimized errors, exceptions, and delays, resulting in smoother operations and improved customer experiences.

ROI & Financial Impact Assessment: Ideators conducted an assessment of ROI and financial impact, demonstrating the project's value and return on investment.


Norton Lilly International appreciated Ideators' exceptional project management style, which included effective communication, proactive problem-solving, and seamless coordination among team members. Their meticulous attention to detail and dedication to achieving project goals contributed to the project's successful execution.

Communication with Ideators occurred through in-person meetings, virtual meetings, and email or messaging apps. What impressed Norton Lilly International most about Ideators was their dedication to excellence, evident in their innovative approach, thoroughness, and consistent delivery that exceeded expectations. Areas for improvement suggested by Norton Lilly International included fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement and staying updated with emerging technologies and industry trends. This would further enhance Ideators' ability to provide cutting-edge solutions to their clients.

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