The Problem:

Shiftboard, a leading provider of employee scheduling software for shift-based operations, sought to optimize its workforce operations and enhance customer relationship management. They needed to streamline business processes and accommodate workers' preferences to improve efficiency and increase customer retention rates.

The Challenges:

Ideators helped Shiftboard with the challenges they faced in managing complex scheduling requirements and maintaining effective customer interactions. They needed a solution that would integrate seamlessly with their existing systems and adapt to their specific needs.


Ideators, an IT services company addressed these challenges with its expertise in Salesforce CRM implementation. The decision was based on Ideators' high ratings, budget-friendly pricing, and reputation for delivering value.

The scope of work included a comprehensive analysis of Shiftboard's existing processes and requirements, followed by the customization of Salesforce CRM and ERP solutions to align with their specific needs. The team at Ideators configured user roles, profiles, and permissions, performed data migration from existing systems, and integrated with third-party applications.


  • Conduct comprehensive analysis and requirement gathering
  • Customize Salesforce CRM and ERP solutions
  • Configure user roles, profiles, and permissions
  • Migrate data from existing systems
  • Integrate with third-party applications
  • Design and implement automated workflows and approval processes


Ideators achieved key measurable outcomes which demonstrated progress and success of the project: Increased Customer Retention Rate: Shiftboard experienced a higher customer retention rate, indicating improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. Reduction in Average Lead-to-Sale Conversion Time: The implementation streamlined business processes, leading to faster sales cycles. Employee Productivity Improvement: Employee productivity increased due to optimized workflows and automated processes.


Shiftboard expressed their gratitude to Ideators for their exceptional project management and seamless delivery throughout the Salesforce implementation. The agile response to needs and requirements resulted in successfully achieving milestones ahead of schedule.

What impressed Shiftboard most about Ideators was their expertise in a variety of Salesforce applications, modules, and solutions, which surpassed the market standard.

With the successful implementation of Salesforce CRM and ERP systems, Shiftboard now enjoys enhanced workforce operations, improved customer relationship management, and increased operational efficiency, paving the way for sustained growth and continued success.

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