The Problem:

IBILE Oil & Gas Corporation, a prominent commercial oil and gas supplier in Nigeria, recognized the critical importance of cybersecurity in the industry. They sought a reliable partner to assess, investigate, and enhance their security systems against potential threats and disasters.

The Challenges:

Finding a Trustworthy Partner: Identifying a cybersecurity service provider willing to work with a Nigerian company and offering the necessary expertise. Remote Engagement: Facilitating effective collaboration despite the geographical distance.


Ideators, an IT service provider, to address the cybersecurity needs of IBILE and enhance the security of their systems.

  • Selection Criteria: The ideators' global network of security professionals and their willingness to work with international clients made them a suitable choice.
  • Project Phases: The project involved initial requirements collection, business requirement documentation, RFQ collection, and remote execution.


  • Initial Requirements Collection and Business Requirement Documentation.
  • RFQ Collection and Project Execution.


  • Comprehensive Security Analysis: Ideators conducted thorough assessments and identified vulnerabilities in IBILE's systems.
  • Integrative Solutions: Ideators proposed advanced integrations to bolster IBILE's system security and protect against potential attacks.


Ideators were lauded for their valuable insights and integrative solutions that helped them realize the vulnerabilities in their systems.

Most Impressive Aspect Of Ideators:

Ideators' approach to serving diverse businesses and startups was seen as impressive by IBILE, making them stand out from other service providers.

Areas For Improvement:

IBILE did not identify any areas requiring improvement in Ideators' service, highlighting their dedication and quality of work.

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