The Problem:

Cooper Lighting, LLC, a leading lighting manufacturer, faced the challenge of modernizing its Salesforce CRM to incorporate customer success and customer experience modules. They sought to upgrade their existing system to enhance customer engagement and improve overall customer success.

The Challenges:

The company needed a custom software servicing firm that specialized in Salesforce CRM to address their specific requirements. Finding a reliable partner with expertise in Salesforce modules and the ability to deliver within the company's budget was crucial.


Ideators, a custom software development company, was tasked to handle the redevelopment and upgrading of their Salesforce CRM. Ideators were chosen based on a referral, their high ratings, and their ability to accommodate the company's budgetary constraints.

Virtual meetings served as the primary form of communication. The scope of work involved the redevelopment and upgrade of the Salesforce CRM to enable customer success and customer experience modules.


  • Initial Consultation & Requirement Gathering
  • Upgrading Salesforce Modules For Customer Success & Customer Experience
  • Development Of A Customer Success Roadmap
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Deployment Of The Upgraded System


The collaboration with Ideators yielded measurable outcomes. The results included:

  • Upgrading Salesforce modules: Ideators successfully upgraded the Salesforce CRM to incorporate customer success and customer experience modules, providing enhanced functionality and features.
  • Customer success roadmap development: Ideators helped to develop a comprehensive customer success roadmap, enabling the company to optimize its customer engagement strategies.
  • As a result, the esteemed manufacturer of lighting products noticed significant customer engagement and streamlined customer success processes through the upgraded Salesforce CRM and the implemented customer success roadmap.


The project management approach of Ideators was highly commendable. They consistently met project deadlines and responded promptly to the client's needs. Throughout the 5-6 month project, Ideators exhibited a result-oriented and efficient project management style. Their communication was seamless, ensuring a smooth collaboration.

Ideators was found to be cooperative, communicative, and problem-solvers. They appreciated the dedication and commitment displayed by Ideators throughout the engagement, ensuring the successful completion of the project.

Overall, the collaboration between both companies resulted in a successful software development project. The upgraded Salesforce CRM and the customer success roadmap provided the manufacturer with the tools and functionalities to enhance their customer engagement and drive customer success. Ideators' professionalism, problem-solving skills, and effective communication were highly valued by the client company.

“We found Ideators to be very cooperative and communicative during our engagement."

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