The Problem:

Bloom (YC W22), an emerging Fintech company in Africa, required an efficient data management solution to create insightful datasets, reports, dashboards, and presentations for their stakeholders, investors, and management.

The Challenges:

Robust Data Management: Bloom needed a powerful data management solution to handle diverse financial data and insights.

Customization: The solution needed to be tailored to Bloom's specific needs and requirements.

Integration: Seamless integration with existing applications and databases was essential.


  • Ideators, a tech partner known for its services and dedicated team deployment addressed these challenges effectively. The solution involved:
  • Selection Process: A simple Request for Quotation (RFQ) procedure was followed, considering the Ideators' track record, pricing, and work process.
  • Power BI Integration: Ideators swiftly integrated Microsoft Power BI with Bloom's applications and database.
  • Training & Workshops: Over a 3-month project, Ideators conducted bi-monthly workshops to train Bloom's team in using Power BI effectively.


  • Vendor Selection & Onboarding.
  • Power BI Integration with Bloom's Data Ecosystem.
  • Training Workshops for Bloom's Team.


  • Efficient Data Management: Ideators' Power BI solution empowered Bloom to efficiently manage financial data, facilitating enhanced insights and reporting.
  • Customization: The solution was tailored to Bloom's unique requirements and processes.
  • Integration Success: Seamlessly integrated Power BI with existing applications and databases.


Ideators were praised for their swift realization of requirements and their commitment to training and development.

The educational institute found Ideators' experience and precision in EdTech to be impressive. Their expertise in the field of educational technology ensured a successful project outcome. There were no areas for improvement that were identified, as Ideators delivered exceptional results and met the university's requirements.

Why Choose Ideators?

Ideators' agility and responsiveness in delivering digital services were appreciated, enabling Bloom to swiftly enhance its data management capabilities.

Areas Of Improvement:

Bloom did not identify any areas needing improvement, highlighting Ideators' commitment to excellence in service delivery.

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