The Problem:

The State University of New York - Brockport faced the challenge of an outdated admissions portal that no longer met the needs of the college. They required a modern and efficient system to manage admissions for both online and on-campus learning programs.

The Challenges:

It was important for them to find a reliable technology partner with expertise in educational services. The new admissions portal needed to streamline and simplify the admissions and enrollment cycle, catering to the specific requirements of the university.


The university hired Ideators, a technology firm specializing in educational services, to develop its new admissions portal. Ideators was selected based on a referral and their experience in working with higher education institutions and EdTech companies.

The communication with Ideators went on conveniently, utilizing various channels such as emails, document sharing, and online conferencing. The scope of work involved a thorough understanding of the admissions and enrollment cycle through stakeholder interviews. Wireframes, project flow charts, diagrams, and user interfaces were developed to create a user-friendly and efficient portal. User testing was also conducted, involving end-users and stakeholders, to ensure the simplicity, functionality, and performance of the system.


  • Stakeholder Interviews & Data Collection
  • Wireframe & Interface Design
  • Project Flow Chart & Diagram Development
  • User Testing & Feedback Incorporation


Ideators ensured a high-quality and successful admissions portal through comprehensive user testing and feedback incorporation. The measurable outcomes and results of the project include:

Simplified & Shortened Admissions Process: The new portal significantly improved the admissions process, making it more streamlined and efficient.

Positive Feedback From Stakeholders: The portal was praised for its features and functions, leading to increased satisfaction among board members and other stakeholders.


Ideators demonstrated effective project management by meeting deadlines and commitments. The communication channels provided a seamless collaboration experience, facilitating daily project discussions, weekly meetings, and timely issue resolution.

The educational institute found Ideators' experience and precision in EdTech to be impressive. Their expertise in the field of educational technology ensured a successful project outcome. There were no areas for improvement that were identified, as Ideators delivered exceptional results and met the university's requirements.

Overall, this project resulted in the successful development and launch of a modern admissions portal. The new system streamlined the admissions process and received positive feedback from stakeholders. Ideators' expertise in EdTech played a key role in the project's success.

“Their experience and precision in EdTech were their best attributes."

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