These are the apps that we use for our business. We have chosen these apps after comparing them with apps of similar functionality. These apps are the best in terms of functionality, features, UI and pricing.

TStaying on time, efficient and productive in business operations could be hassle for most business owners and people. Running a business means handling an unlimited number of things, tasks, notes and incoming requests on hourly basis. You just keep juggling things from one to other, but never ever get done with them. Often times, we feel like exhausted, and our heart cries for a break.

With these few apps and tools, things can be managed in much more efficient ways, not letting your head-ached. Let’s dig inside:

Slack – team communication

Slack is a very effective app works on every device, that brings teams communication, sharing and collaboration, all together into one place. This way you and your organization can get more work done in less time. Slack is available on any device from smartphone, tablet, laptops or desktops, so you can find and access your team and your work, anytime anywhere just on your fingertips.

Help Scout – customer service

Help Scout has almost every customer and client support tool you need in your regular work hours. It comes in with some really out of the box features like shared email inbox, live chat software, knowledge base directories for tech support teams, daily reports, and much more. Help Scout gives scaling companies the flexibility and visibility they need to manage their customers at large with ease. Help Scout can connect the variety of tools, APIs, and plugins you already use with their 50+ integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient.

Bitbucket – git code management

When it comes to code and scripts management, list goes on and tools are unlimited. But here we have enlisted Bitbucket, because of its exceptional features and applications. Bitbucket is bit more than just code management, it goes beyond and gives teams one specific place to plan and organize their software projects, collaborate and communicate on their code, test it, and then deploy. Great thing, its free for small teams (under 5 developers), means a perfect thing for startups and new coders.

Trello – tasks management

Trello helps teams move work forward, faster and easier. It brings in all your micro and macro tasks on one window. Create as many boards and cards on Trello and manage your teams work and tasks on daily basis. With Trello, your team collaboration, ability to manage projects, and productivity may boost exponentially. Starting with Trello is simple easy, it is much convenient to use as compared to other tasks managers.

In a nutshell

In conclusion, these carefully selected apps serve as invaluable tools for streamlining your business operations, enhancing productivity, and reducing the daily stressors that can plague business owners and professionals. By incorporating these applications into your daily workflow, you can regain control of your time, increase efficiency, and find the much-needed balance between work and personal life. Embrace these tools, and watch your business thrive while ensuring that the relentless demands of the entrepreneurial journey become a bit more manageable. To know more about developing a mobile application, or the cost of development of a mobile app, connect with us and discuss your next big idea with Ideators!