Why smartphone usage has enabled digitization?

The question arises from the digitization of world which has severly increased and applied after the induction of smartphones in our daily lives. Currenty, as per the stats, almost 80% population of world already has a smartphone in their pockets.

This is the evident, towards the global digitization of businesses, with ease of communication, connectivity, and enabled devices with the help of internet. Bigger numbers are still those areas where people are still under literacy rates, emerging economies, under-developed nations and regions. Today, on a rough estimate, more than 5 billion mobile devices are used on daily basis. People in developed economies and urban, have more likely to have a smartphone.

Smartphone penertration is growing by 60% each year

These stats show how swiftly and increasingly people are diverting towards using a smartphone. Almost 72% of people use smartphone only for internet surfing and social media. Most of the growth in usage is observed from China, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia and some other names mostly from emerging economies.

5G Connectivity

Fifth-generation technology, or 5G, will also start to roll out this year, possibly will drastically improve internet usage, download speeds, and browsing features. People will like to access some feautes which are almost impossible in current time.

Video and Content Streaming

High quality videos, streams, from 4K, 8K to even 3D visuals, AR, VR, will be in everyone’s pockets, ina matter of seconds. Meaning that videos will be easier to watch via smartphone.

In a nutshell

These are some of the benefits that ease the business in growing its success prospects. These all are highly effective for both larger and small firms. These aid in their betterment and survival in the competitive business environment.